LaKademy 2015 - Fundraising Campaign


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LaKademy - shortname for KDE Latin-American Summit - is the Latin-American KDE users and contributors meeting. KDE is one of the biggest free software communities in the world, responsible for the development of Plasma Desktop Environment, a lot of Applications - from the multimedia editor kdenlive to the set of educational softwares kdeedu, and the KDE Frameworks 5 - a set of Qt libraries that extends the functionalities provided by Qt modules.

Latin America is of great importance to the project because it has a large community of developers and users, as well as numerous business and governments that use, develop, and adopt policies for free software. Many of them use software developed by KDE.

The main LaKademy goal is to allow users and developers of the community to meet in person, enabling the exchange of ideas about the projects and initiatives between the community members. It is also the venue to discuss the future of KDE, plan future actions for KDE in Latin America, and spend some days working in software development, translation, artwork creation, in addition to presenting the project for potential new contributors.

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Where the money will be utilized?

The fundraising campaign will enable the travel of 8 KDE community members to Salvador, the host city of LaKademy 2015 (costs estimated in R$ 8.289) and the accomodation of these members in a hostel (R$ 1.800). See the budget.

LaKademy 2015 website.